Rites of Spring 2017 - Springtime Foolishness Schedule


Rites of Spring 2017 - Springtime Foolishness Schedule

Schedules will be updated as they become available

Thrown Weapons

930am - Range opens

10-11am open practice

11-12pm novice shoot

12-1pm lunch

1-4pm tournament

Archery Schedule

930am - Range opens

10-11am kids tourney/open practice

11-12pm novice shoot

12-1pm lunch

1-4pm tournament

Rapier Combat at Rites of Spring

A Day At The Fight School or Ein Tag Als der Fechtschule

Three Masters of Defence teaching three period Masters

Come learn from Master Terrence of Tyndal, Master Logos and Master Kai and put what you learn into practice in a tournament

Master Terrence of Tyndall--Giganti

Master Logos--Fabris

Master Kai--Destreza

Rapier Schedule

930am: list opens and inspections start

1030am-12pm: classes/instruction period

12p-1p: Lunch (list available for pickups during this time)

1p- 4pm: Midlands Regional Melee Practice

Kid’s Activity Schedule

9-10am story time/craft project

10-11am Archery on the Archery Range

11-12pm Build & shoot catapults

12-1p Kids Lunch *SEE FEAST PAGE FOR MENU*

1-2p Kids fighting

2-4p Feast Activites

4-5p Freetime/Playtime

A&S Schedule

Herbology 101

11am (class time approx 1 hour)

Taught by Neania Silverhorse (Sherri Kell)

A brief introduction to the usage of herbs in the middle ages with a practical culinary/cooking usage of herbs by making and tasting herb butters.

Exchequer 101

130pm (class time approx 2 hours)

Taught by Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm (Jana Behm)

All Exchequers and their deputies must be warranted! If you are a new Exchequer, haven’t taken a class before, or want a refresher, please attend class.

Chronicler Space

Time 3pm (class time approx 1 hour)

Taught by Muriel Zimmermannin (Laura Nickels)

Learning about the requirements, paperwork and other important information for Chroniclers. Current Chroniclers attending will be Warranted after attending.

Class is open to anyone, however All Chroniclers and their deputies must be warranted!


Pyrography on Leather and Paper

Time TBD (class time approx 1 hour)

Taught by David of Lochmorrow (David Hines)

Attendees will be able to burn a design on either paper or leather. 

History of Beer

Time TBD (class time approx 1 hour)

Taught by Roana Aldinoch

Ranks and Regalia

Time TBD (class time approx 1 hour)

Taught by Albeta Mihallik (Stacey Mihallik)

Learn about the different Ranks and Status within the Society of Creative Anachronism. Learn what means what on a Crown and Coronet and what color of belt means what status

Introduction to Uncial Calligraphy

Time TBD (class time approx 1 hr)

Taught by Wilhelm Mihallik (Mike Mihallik)

Learn about Uncial Calligraphy

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