Rites of Spring 2018


Rites of Spring 2018:

A Mermaid’s Tale

March 24, 2018

8am - 9pm

Oak Grove West

6018 W Lancaster

Bartonville IL 61607

When coming to this site, put the ADDRESS in your GPS, do NOT just search for the school. If you do you are liable to get the District Offices and will end up down the road several miles!


Fuyutsukime Hattori

MKA Jamie Pratt


Merchant Liason

Allison Renee of Roseholm

MKA Sarah Rosecrans



MKA Melissa Ritter


9am            Site opens

                   Merchants open

10am           Inspections for all Marshal Activities

12pm           Lunch

2pm             Bardic Circle in Merchant Area

4-430pm     Merchants Close

5pm-ish      Court

6pm            Feast

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Heavy Tournament

MiC - Eoin atta Keld Eoinattakeld@yahoo.com

The Main Tournament will be based on the battle between the Holly King and the Oak King.

We will have two teams, one representing the Holly King and the other representing the Oak King.

We will also have an individual tournament (Round Robin or Atlantian depending on the number of combatants).

Fencing Tournament

MiC - Taren Wilgaer von Heidelberg

Ahoy all brave buccaneers, courageous corsairs, stylish

swashbucklers, and plain scurvy pirates…

This year we will be playing “Silly Pirate Games”, a melee

tournament in four parts with RBGs allowed in parts 2,3 & 4.

The infamous East India Company has acquired (stolen) a chest of gold

and jewels from the mermaids. Only two pirate crews know where it is


In part one: crews and captains will be established via Maire’s Dance, in

honor of our lovely and gracious Baroness.

For those who have never fought in one; everyone draws a card, high card picks an opponent, when everyone has a partner each pair fights a single pass. Winner is now the captain of a two-man team. Repeat the process until there are only two teams. These will be the crews.

In part two: the pirate ships have arrived at the island where the chest is

being held. As both crews want the booty for themselves, the chest must

be carried back to the ship.

The fighting will be an unlimited resurrection melee with a 30 minute time

limit. If the chest makes it to one of the ships, the fight is over and that crew starts part three with possession of the chest. If the time runs out,

whichever ship the chest is closest to, that crew starts part three with

possession of the chest.

In part three: one ship has sailed away with the treasure. As any pirate

knows, “It’s only yours if you can keep it.” Therefore, the other crew has

given chase and caught the treasure ship. Grappling hooks have been

thrown and boarding planks have been set.

This part is a bridge battle. Step off the planks and you are dead. There is

no resurrection. At the end of the time limit, the crew with the most

surviving members wins. The entire winning crew continues on to part four. The losing crew is eliminated.

In part four:… Well, that would be telling… Let us just say that the chest

has it’s own secrets to reveal…

There is a prize for the Best Pirate Fighting Garb.